How A Gold Loan Can Fund Your Dream Vacation

How A Gold Loan Can Fund Your Dream Vacation

The best ways to finance your dream vacation and to go for a vacation using a gold loan
indiagold team
28 Mar 2022
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Just imagine yourself living your dream, on the shores of the Maldives in a penthouse, gazing at the sea and the horizon. Or the ‘Aurora Borealis’, the Northern Lights, brightening up the dark night sky with its magnificent colours and glory. Till when you will be delaying your dream to go on an exotic vacation or your solo trip? You would be left staring at your bucket list and your bucket of life will get empty one day if you don’t execute now.

If you are planning to go on your dream vacation shortly, then here’s a guide to help you execute your planning to help you live your vacation to the fullest.

Decide your dream destination

Whether it’s the volcanic mountains of Bali, pristine beaches of the Maldives, Aurora Borealis in Iceland, or the Alps in Europe, decide on your dream destination. This is the foremost task that will influence your planning all along.

Plan your budget

Here comes the most important aspect of planning. You have to estimate the budget for your whole trip. Try to cover as many factors as possible. If you are facing difficulty in planning your budget, just refer to the below points that need to be taken care of while planning your budget:

Mode of the trip:

Whether you would be going on a solo trip or with a travel group or agency that routinely organizes such trips. It’s your personal preference and both options have their own perks. If you are planning to go with a tour agency or travel group, then most of the things will be pre-planned, however, you won’t be able to change the travel spots and other factors as per your preference.

Stay and travel costs:

The cost of travel to-and-fro from your dream destination, cost of stay there, and the expenses of the tour will all need to be planned. It will all vary according to the country you want to visit and the city and hotels you prefer.

Number of days:

This plays a vital role in influencing your budget. Once you are done deciding the above two factors, then it’s just simple multiplication. The number of days will be fixed if you prefer a travel group. Otherwise, you can plan how long your trip will be, based on your budget and schedule, if you prefer an independent trip. Your travel tickets will be booked accordingly.


You would definitely bring some of the memories home, from your exotic trip. Don’t forget to include the shopping element in your budget.


Your trip is always prone to some uncertainties. Always have a cushion for meeting emergencies that may arise, like a sudden illness, any sort of injury, etc.

Mode of financing

Most people save for their dream vacations beforehand. If you are excited about your trip and are planning to go shortly, then you can prefer financing from a financial institution in case of any shortfall in your budget. Following are the two ways to finance your trip:

Unsecured Loan

These are the loans that are provided without any security. For financing your dream vacation, you can either prefer a personal loan or a travel loan. Being unsecured in nature, both of these will involve hefty interest charges and costs. All your enjoyment may turn into stress once you come back from your dream vacation and see a year-or-two long huge EMIs taking away a huge chunk of your monthly income.

Secured Loan

While an unsecured loan may serve your purpose, it comes with its own set of cons. Therefore, it is beneficial to go for secured loans. The best alternative will be the gold loan.

How can gold loans help you go for your dream vacation?

Gold loans are some of the most instant and easy to avail of financing facilities. Because of its inherent value, banks become readily available to fund gold loans. Following are the benefits of using a gold loan for your dream vacation:

Minimal Eligibility and Documentation:

Gold loans have minimal eligibility criteria that are easy to satisfy. Because of this, banks do not require much documentation to process the loan.

Instant processing:

Gold loans are quicker to process and disburse, such that the loan may get disbursed on the same date on which the application is made. Therefore, you can apply for the loan today and leave for your exotic vacation tomorrow itself.


Gold loans are among the most affordable loans as the interest rates on gold loans are usually around 10%-13%. This is far better than unsecured loans and you can enjoy your vacation freely without worrying about the EMI burden in the future.


Gold loans usually come with flexible repayment and tenure options thus allowing you to structure it as per your income levels.

How can Indiagold help you fund your vacation?

In the gold loan space, indiagold has been instrumental in providing the best services to its customers. Following are the major benefits of going with indiagold in financing your vacation:

Entire service at your doorstep:

Once you apply through the website or give a missed call at 1800-123-999-888 or WhatsApp at +91-9310366544, a loan manager will come to your place to process the entire application with instant disbursal. The entire process just takes 30 mins. After repayment, gold again gets delivered to your location.

Safe storage:

Your gold will be packed by the loan manager in GPS-enabled packets and stored at safe lockers with insurance from New India Assurance Co. Ltd.


Gold loan interest rates start at just 0.77% per month.

Bottom Line

You only live once. Why not live to the fullest. Let go of the urge you have been holding for your exotic vacation and execute your dream before it’s too late.

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