Digital Gold vs Physical Gold

Digital Gold vs Physical Gold

India’s love affair with Gold isn’t a secret anymore. Gold has been used for centuries in Indian culture and history. Primarily associated with divinity, royalty and a symbol of luxury, power & status, this yellow metal holds a precious place in our hearts. In recent years, Gold has become a lot more than just a piece of jewellery be it Gold ETF’s, Sovereign Gold Bonds, Paper Gold etc. Gold has a lot more to offer than just being a poster child for the commodity market.
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12 Apr 2022
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Indian women aged 16 to 60 are obsessed with Gold, as is the sparkling sheen of the metal that leaves everyone spellbound. Indians are often seen as hoarders of this precious metal to hedge against inflation, a financial crisis or even a pandemic. Definitely a wise move! A common means of investment for decades, investing in Gold is not new to the 21st century. However, as times change and as markets intensify their dynamic nature, easy, accessible and safe to use digital Gold has become the need of the hour.

Let’s compare how investing in Gold has become so easier and accessible to the common man.

Small Investment Options

When investing in physical gold, one has to pay a large sum of money to buy the minimum amount of gold starting from 1g onwards and subject to its own share of market fluctuations.

Digital Gold offered by indiagold, enables a user to buy gold for as low as ₹5. Yes! You heard that right! Catered to best fit budgets along the spectrum, this allows users to begin their saving journey as early as possible. The best part? As the gold balance increases and the price of gold increases too and voila! your savings increase automatically!

Zero Storage Issue

Physical gold, although lovely to look at, brings along with it its own share of inconveniences, one’s got to be alert and protect it at all times. Bank lockers are widely used by Indians, despite being charged exorbitant locker rates for the same.

Digital Gold saves the user the hassle and helps you avoid the added storage costs. With Indiagold, store your digital gold in high-security vaults without any extra charges (100% insured).

High Liquidity

It’s an established fact that Gold is one of the most liquid asset classes when compared to other assets. Unfortunately physical gold fails to offer the liquidity that it is perceived to have. Under any circumstances, reselling ornaments or coins to the same jeweller requires multiple receipts as proof of transaction. Storage & preservation of paper bills pose a bigger challenge to users in a world that’s digitally savvy.

Digital Gold is easy and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and by anybody. Indiagold, enables users to transact safely using their bank account or using their UPI ID. The gold can be bought and sold easily without any hassle. As a user, when you sell gold, the money is transferred directly to your account at the click of a button!

Time value of Jewellery

In the case of physical gold, one ends up spending a lot more money than the market value of the gold purchased. Making charges of physical gold take up 7 – 25% of the value, varying on the basis of the style chosen by the user. Unfortunately, at the time of sale, secondary costs cannot be recovered, resulting in a raw deal for the seller. However, digital gold involves no making charges, while offering you only pure gold which is guaranteed.

Gold has stood the test of time for centuries and has proven profitable all along. Established & seasoned investors Seth Klarman and Ray Dalio vouch for gold prices to increase further, making gold a safe haven for the common man.

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