Busting Myths about Digital Gold

Busting Myths about Digital Gold

Digital gold as a concept is quite new in India. With the increase of the Internet in India at such a high pace, buying gold online didn’t fall behind.
indiagold team
12 Apr 2022
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Digital gold is basically a mode to buy physical gold but with added benefits through the Internet. With indiagold you can buy or sell 24 karat Hallmark gold for as low as ₹5. So today let’s bust some myths associated with Digital Gold.

Myth 1: Gold is costly

The biggest advantage of investing in digital gold is that you can buy Gold for as low as ₹5. Yes, it’s true! Gold can be bought at reasonable prices and be budget-friendly too. The then inaccessible precious metal is very much available for anyone and everyone now. With indiagold it is very easy to buy gold safely using your bank account or UPI ID.

Myth 2: Digital Gold is imaginary gold

Users can convert digital gold to physical gold after their gold balance reaches 1gm. Users can access gold balance to buy 18/22 karat gold coins and gold jewellery from the indiagold app any time.

Myth 3: Extensive documentation is required

Digital gold is hassle-free and quite easy to use. You don’t need any documents for purchasing gold. All you require is a phone, indiagold app, internet and a bank account or UPI. And voila, the gold is delivered at your place in no time. However, if your transaction amount exceeds ₹2 lakh, you need to submit your PAN card details.

Myth 4: Extra hidden cost added and high storage charges

indiagold believes in full transparency. The prices are inclusive of duty and of GST on the app. We also have added benefits where the users don’t have to pay extra for storage charges. All digital gold is stored safely in high-security vaults free of cost with 100% insurance.

Myth 5: Online gold is not pure gold

Augmont – indiagold partner is one of India’s leading gold refineries and manufacturers. Here, you will get the purity of 24 karat with fineness starting from 99.5%. It comes along with Augmont’s trust and security. The gold is BIS Hallmark certified and safe.

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