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Super Agent Program – Terms and Conditions (T&C)
Super Agent Program:
indiagold Super Agent program allows our users to generate income by referring eligible candidates for gold loans. Refer a lead for a gold loan with indiagold and both, you herein referred to as “Agent” and your lead herein referred to as “Applicant” will receive rewards as stated below:

If the Applicant avails their first gold loan with indiagold for an amount equal to or more than ₹25,000, the Agent gets a bonus of 2% of the loan amount and the Applicant gets a discount of ₹500 on their first installment.
Terms and Conditions


  1. Applicant receives ₹500 directly into the bank account to which the loan was disbursed only if they take their first gold loan from indiagold, equal to or more than ₹25,000, and after paying the first installment in full.
  2. It is essential for the Applicant to apply the desired Agent code to avail the aforementioned reward.
  3. The Applicant’s reward will automatically be credited after the first installment of the gold loan is paid in full. The reward will be credited to the same bank account to which the loan was disbursed. In case the Applicant did not apply the Agent code at the time of applying, the Applicant will not be eligible for the reward.
  4. Applicants can not apply an Agent code after they have applied for a loan.
  5. Applicants who have applied for a gold loan from indiagold in the past are not eligible to receive the reward.

  1. The Agent is only eligible for the reward if the Applicant enters their valid referral code through the mobile application/website while applying for a gold loan.
  2. Agents will only receive the reward when the Applicant pays their complete first installment for the gold loan. The reward can only be redeemed through the indiagold mobile application on Android with a valid bank account.
  3. The Agent reward will not be transferred automatically. It can be redeemed directly from the indiagold Android application.
General Terms and Conditions

  1. The Super Agent Program is only valid for new gold loans equal to or greater than ₹25,000.
  2. The Agent and the Applicant are deemed to agree to the terms and conditions of the Super Agent Program to be eligible for availing the respective rewards.
  3. indiagold reserves the right to change or withdraw or suspend the offer any time at the sole discretion of the company. indiagold may also change the respective terms and conditions, and offer details from time to time, without prior notice.
  4. If two or more Agents refer the same Applicant to indiagold, which results in a successful referral, the Agent whose Agent code was used by the Applicant while applying for the loan shall receive the reward.
  5. Except to the extent restricted in law, indiagold will not be liable or responsible for any direct or consequential damage, loss, or injury resulting from the Super Agent Program.
  6. indiagold holds the right to accept and reject gold loan applications through the Super Agent Program, hence a referral does not guarantee that indiagold shall accept or approve the Applicant’s loan application.
  7. All taxes burden on rewards redeemed is the sole responsibility of the respective recipients.
  8. This is to ascertain that the Applicant understands that the continued use of the Super Agent Program after any changes constitutes the acceptance of the updated terms and conditions of the program.