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Gold Loans starting at just 0.75% monthly interest,
now in Delhi NCR

Gold Loans starting at just 0.75% monthly interest,
now in Delhi NCR

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    Need a Personal Loan?
    Gold Loans Could Be Better Option

    Financial needs might arise anytime whether they are planned or occur due to an emergency. To take care of these needs, different types of loans are available. If you need finance for your personal needs, personal loans are available.

    What is a Personal Loan?

    A personal loan is an unsecured loan that you can avail for meeting multiple financial needs. The loan can be used for your personal as well as business needs as the loan is a multipurpose loan. Personal loans are offered instantly, have simple eligibility parameters and are issued based on your financial standing.

    Another Alternative – Gold Loan

    A gold loan, like a personal loan, is a multipurpose loan
    that you can avail against your gold ornaments and/or jewellery. The loan is issued against the value of the gold that you pledge and also depends on the purity of gold.

    What are the Gold Loans?

    Gold loans are multipurpose loans which allow funds for your personal or business needs. You can get a gold loan against your gold ornaments and jewellery which act as a collateral for the loan. Based on the value of gold that you pledge, the loan amount is sanctioned.

    IndiaGold offers attractive schemes of gold loans which give you funds at the earliest for your business needs.

    Why IndiaGold?

    Here are the reasons that make IndiaGold’s gold loan the best personal loans in the market –

    • Ease of availing the loan
      All you have to do is just make a request for the loan on IndiaGold’s website. Submit your phone number and IndiaGold would get in touch with you to understand your loan requirements. You would get the doorstep facility wherein your gold would be picked up right from your home and loan would be sanctioned right to your bank account.
    • Instant funds
      Right from the time that you request for a gold loan till the time that the loan is granted, the whole process takes about 30 to 40 minutes. Thus, you get instant access to funds for emergency needs.
    • Complete transparency
      The gold that you pledge would be weighed and its purity would be ascertained right in front of you. The gold would be packed and a GPS tracker would be attached to the package so that you can track your gold anytime.
    • Enhanced safety
      The gold that you pledge would be held with utmost care and security. The GPS tracker helps you track your gold in real time. Moreover, the gold would be insured right from the time till it is picked up till the time it is returned back to you after repayment. The insurance cover comes free with the loan and protects your gold against theft and damages while in transit as well as while in custody.

    How to Apply?

    The application process of the gold loan is simple and straightforward. Here’s how you can apply for the loan –

    • Visit and choose ‘Apply Now’. You can also call 1800 123 999 888 and apply for the loan
    • You would  be informed of the loan schemes offered by IndiaGold
    • Pick your scheme and a Loan Manager would visit your home to process your loan application
    • Your gold is weighed and packaged and sent to the approver
    • Once the gold is approved, loan is sanctioned and the funds are credited to your bank account
    • The gold is insured and stored in secured lockers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You would have to submit your ideThe prevailing rate of gold on the date of loan application would be considered to value your gold. Once the application is processed, the price of the gold would be fixed and would not change even if the market price changes.ntity proof, address proof, PAN Card or Form 60 and a photograph when you apply for the loan.

    You would have to submit your identity proof, address proof, PAN Card or Form 60 and a photograph when you apply for the loan.

    Presently IndiaGold is offering gold loans in Delhi. So, if you live in Delhi and you want to get personal loan, you can avail a gold loan from IndiaGold.

    You can pay your EMIs through debit or credit cards, internet banking, UPI, RTGS or IMPS.

    If you miss paying any EMI, the interest rate on the loan would be increased depending on the loan scheme you have chosen. There might also be a late fee as well as a penal interest on the amount of interest due that you would have to pay.

    If you do not pay back the loan, the gold would be auctioned by IndiaGold to realise the outstanding value of the loan.

    To close your loan account you would have to write an email to IndiaGold at Mention the phrase ‘Closing of Loan’ in the subject line of the email.

    You can download the IndiaGold mobile application to manage your loan account and also to pay your EMIs easily.

    Yes, you can avail small personal loans through IndiaGold. To avail a personal loan, apply for IndiaGold’s gold loan and get funds against your gold assets. This loan has a lower interest rate and offers instant funds for your financial needs.

    No, your gold is insured free of cost by IndiaGold. You do not have to pay any additional amount for the coverage.

    Gold Loans starting at just 0.75% monthly interest,
    now in Delhi NCR