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How to Gift Gold to someone Online?

Gold is the precious metal which everyone is very fond of and one of the best forms of investment. This yellow metal is considered as the mark of wealth and prosperity. Any event or festival will be incomplete without buying gold or gifting gold. If you want to give a surprise to your loved ones and want to make them happy, then the best idea is “Gift gold…!”. Worrying about how to do it? No problem, We have a solution for you. On Indiagold app, you can start gifting gold to your friends, family members, or any other closed ones. The process is pretty much simple using this app. Follow the below steps:

Step – 1: Download the Indiagold app from the play store (If you haven’t already installed).

Step – 2: Go to “Gift Gold” in the DigiGold section of the app. 


Step – 3: Enter the mobile number of the person whom you wish to gift gold, or you can select the mobile number from your contact list. If the other person does not have the Indiagold app, they can download it from the play store.

Step – 4: Enter the receiver’s name and the amount of gold you want to gift. Please note that this amount is inclusive of 3% GST and the weight of gold is calculated based on the live gold buying price (This you can check on the home page) Also, make sure you enter the full name of the receiver correctly.


Step – 5: Click on the Gift Gold button after entering both the fields.

Step – 6: Confirm the mobile number entered is correct. Please note that gold once gifted is non-refundable and non-returnable.


Step – 7: You can also add a gift message which will be shown to the receiver when they open the app. After this, click on the Continue to payment button.


After the process, you should see the confirmation message as “Gifted gold successfully”.


Hurray!!! You gifted gold to your closed ones. Now, the receiver should automatically receive the gifted gold, and they can check the gold in the Indiagold app, which is installed on their mobile and they should create their account with the same mobile number, to which you have gifted gold. They can follow the below steps to check for the same:

Step – 1: Open Indiagold app and you can view “You’ve received a gift” on the home page of the app.


Step – 2: Click on “Go to my locker” or you can directly go to DigiGold tab and click on Locker. 


Step – 3: You can also check the details of gifted gold.


So, what are you waiting for? Gift gold using Indiagold app for seamless experience.

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