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Need a Loan to Start a Business? A Gold Loan Can Be Your Answer

Starting your own business needs considerable planning as well as a constant source of funds. If your savings are not sufficient you can opt for a loan for new business. A gold loan can provide you with the loan to start a business and help you launch your venture. 

Gold loans are multipurpose loans which help you meet the different financial needs of starting a new business. The loan is sanctioned against the value of the gold ornaments that you pledge.
The interest rate is low because the loan is secured and you can use the funds for –

  • Leasing an office space
  • Hiring employees 
  • Buying raw materials
  • Buying business equipment and assets
  • For meeting marketing and promotional expenses

IndiaGold offers you the easiest mode to apply for a gold loan. There are different types of gold loan schemes to choose from and you can avail the loan right at your own home.
Let’s explore how IndiaGold’s gold loans can help you start a business.

Applying for Indiagold Gold Loans – The Process

To apply for a gold loan from IndiaGold, here are the steps which you need to follow –

  • Visit to apply for the loan or give a missed call at 1800 123 999 888 to start the loan application process
  • IndiaGold’s loan advisor would call you back and explain the different gold loan schemes available
  • Once you shortlist the scheme, a loan manager would visit your home to complete the application process
  • Your gold would be weighed and packed right in front of you. The value of the gold would be apprised and the loan manager would complete the loan application process
  • After completion of the application process, the loan funds would be sanctioned to your bank account within 30 minutes
  • Your gold would be sealed and deposited in secure lockers till the time the loan is repaid

Benefits of Availing a Gold Loan for Your Business

A gold loan is an ideal solution for arranging funds for your business. Here are the reasons why –

  • Opportunity to avail high quantum of loan
    IndiaGold offers loans ranging from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.1 crore. Moreover, a higher per gram rate is used to assess the loan amount that you can avail. The maximum Loan to Value ratio offered by IndiaGold goes up to 75%. So, if you require considerable funds to start your business, IndiaGold’s gold loans can provide the necessary capital.
  • Keeping your gold safe
    Since your gold assets are precious, they are insured right from the time they leave your doorstep till they are returned back. Moreover, your gold packet contains a GPS chip with which you can track it anytime. Thus, the gold that you pledge for the loan is held with the utmost care and security ensuring its safety.
  • Easy application process
    By providing doorstep service IndiaGold eases the whole loan application process. You don’t have to run anywhere to get the loan, the loan comes to you. Moreover, the loan is sanctioned within 30-40 minutes providing you funds for your urgent business needs as well.

So, don’t let the dream of starting your own venture remain a dream. Turn it into a reality and for the necessary funds, you can also rely on IndiaGold’s gold loans.

Frequently Asked Questions

The interest rate that IndiaGold charges depend on the gold loan scheme that you select. The rate starts at 0.75% per month and goes up to 1.65% per month.

IndiaGold allows you the facility to close your loan early by paying the outstanding amount in a lump sum. To do so you can either download the IndiaGold mobile application or send an email to mentioning ‘Closing of Loan’ in the subject line.

The loan duration is 6 months. During this period you have to pay the interest amount only. Once the loan tenure comes to an end, the principal amount of loan needs to be paid back. Once the loan is cleared, your gold would be released the next day.

Yes, you can get a gold loan for paying the lease on your baking business. The loan is a multipurpose loan which you can use for any financial need that you face when starting your business.

Yes, gold loans are available even if you have a low credit score. In fact, while other loans need you to have a good credit score to avail them, IndiaGold’s gold loan allows your funds even when your credit score is low.

You don’t have to pay any premium for the insurance cover. The cover is allowed free of cost so that the pledged gold can be stored safely.

Yes, with IndiaGold’s gold loan you don’t have to go anywhere to apply for the loan. The application process is online. Moreover, the loan manager visits your home to appraise the pledged gold making it easy to avail the loan from your home itself.

If you miss paying any EMI, IndiaGold would increase the rate of interest. There might be a default fee or a late payment fee depending on the gold loan scheme that you have selected.

While a personal loan also allows you funds for starting your business, they carry a high-interest rate. Moreover, applying for a personal loan online is tedious. Gold loans, on the other hand, have lower interest rates, allow higher amounts of funds and their application process is also easy, especially if you choose IndiaGold’s gold loan.

IndiaGold charges a fixed interest rate on its gold loan schemes. The interest, once fixed, remains the same throughout the tenure of the loan.

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