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How To Measure The Purity Of Gold

Gold isn’t just jewellery but amongst the simplest investment options out there. Rise of the value for gold is inevitable. Now we’ve heard Karat is used to calculate the purity of gold, but do we really know what that exactly does it mean? What do the various measures like 18K, 22K, 24K indicate? So let’s decode together what does it mean!

Karat is the quantity of pure gold alloyed into a chunk of jewellery. We know that 24k is 100% pure gold and it’s very soft and delicate and no alloy is mixed into it. Jewellery can’t be this delicate so it’s usually made in 18k and 22k. One may also convert karat into a percentage to grasp better.

How is gold purity measured?

To convert karat into percentages we multiple the quantity by 100 then divide the solution by 24. Let me give you with an example, if you want to find out the proportion of gold in 22k gold coin then divide 22 by 24, the result is 0.9166, multiply it with 100 so it’s 91.66 per cent, which is the per cent of how pure the gold is there in the gold coin.

Here, I’ve attached a purity chart for your better understanding,


How to differentiate between 24k, 22k, and 18k gold

18 Karat:

18 K gold is 75% gold combined with 25% of other metals like copper or silver, etc. Usually studded jewellery and other jewellery of diamonds are made from 18 K gold. Compared with 24 K and 22 K this kind of gold is less expensive. It’s a rather dull gold colour. it’s extremely easy to recognise 18 K jewellery because you will see the item stamped with 18 K, 18Kt, 18k or a related combination. At times, 18K gold is marked with 750, 0.75 or a similar stamp to symbolize the 75% gold in the jewellery.

22 Karat:

22 K gold jewellery means 22 per cent of the jewellery is gold and two parts of the rest are other metals. This kind of gold is widely utilized in jewellery making. Only 91.67 per cent of the 100 per cent in 22 K gold is pure gold. The remaining 8.33 per cent consists of metals like copper, zinc, nickel and other alloys. It’s this addition of metals that make the gold texture harder, making the jewellery more durable. However, you must know that although this can be used to make plain gold jewellery, diamonds and heavily studded jewellery don’t go well with 22 K gold.

24 Karat:

24k Gold is also referred to as pure gold, or 100% gold. this suggests all 24 gold parts are pure gold without any other metal traces. Coins and bars are largely purchased at 24k. It’s known to be pure at 99.9 per cent and features a distinct bright yellow shade. there’s no higher variation of gold than 24 K. Since this is the purest variety of gold, it is, of course, costlier than the gold of 22 K or 18K. This sort of gold, however, is lower in density than a lower karat gold which makes it soft and delicate. It’s therefore not suitable for regular Jewelry forms.

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