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How to buy gold coins and jewellery using UPI in installments?

A lot of people are still buying gold in old ways – where they depend on their neighbouhood jewelery shop to educate themselves about gold prices and often end up paying extensive making charges. 

The new, smart and cost effective way to buy gold is to buy using EasyGold. Using this, once can buy in installments at no additional cost – even the making charges are kept to minimal and included within the overall cost itself. 

indiagold is India’s only app where one can buy gold in 3/6/9 months of interest-free installments or even as a one-time full payment using a debit card or UPI with anytime cancellation. 

One of the best thing about indiagold is that it provides it’s customers with full price protection. It basically means when a user confirms his/her order then indiagold locks the price of the time he/she purchased even though he/she pays for the installment which goes on for the next 9 months and by the time the product is delivered to the customer the prices have increased drastically. 

indiagold provides its users with a 100% insurance till the time the order doesn’t reach to its customer’s doorstep. The gold is safe and is stored in secure vaults by Augmont – one of India’s largest refineries and manufacturers of gold. 

indiagold has a variety of products choose from ranging between 18 and 22 karat gold coins, pendants, rings, bangles and chains starting from as low as ₹550 delivered straight to user’s address.

We can buy Gold on installments with UPI in 3 steps:

  1. Open Indiagold app. (If you don’t have it installed on your device, download from playstore.) In the app, go to EasyGold tab. Select a gold coin or gold jewellery which you want to buy.

           2. Select a plan.


           3. Add new address and choose a payment method and pay the price.


           And yes, your order is confirmed.


Indians are extremely sentimental when it comes to gold and that is because Gold is connected to their family heirloom. The bride brings gold from her family in huge quantities after her marriage and then later it is passed down through generations as well. So people here are emotionally connected to it. It’s more than just a metal but its a blessing which their parents have passed on to them. A lot of religions have rituals where gold is an integral part. Even when the gold prices are at a peak – devotees won’t deter from buying it for religious purposes. People also buy gold for religious gatherings and on different scared functions. 

Gold is considered very auspicious in India. During weddings and ceremonies, most of the people gift gold as it’s considered ‘lucky’. Usually, it’s given at weddings so later on during a difficult situation the couple can use money off of it. Also, it’s viewed as the best gift one could give showcasing the value Gold holds in India.

So next time you plan on buying gold, make sure you avail the benefits that exist on indiagold app. 

Gold has been proven to be the safest asset to buy to use it as a hedge against inflation or even a pandemic as well. The rise in prices of gold is inevitable so investing in gold is considered to be the smartest and safest choice one can make. 

Be a smart buyer – buy on installments at the lowest price in market!

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