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India's First 100% Insured Gold Locker with Unmatched
Security and Convenience

Coming soon to Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Noida

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With indiagold Gold Lockers you can be assured that your gold is 100% safe, 100% insured and withdrawable anytime

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We offer much more than
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Personal Relationship Manager


We offer much more than traditional
bank lockers


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Our locker locations in Delhi NCR

U & I Vaults Pvt. Ltd.

F-41, Main Ring Road, NDSE, Delhi - 110049, South Extention Part-1

South Delhi Vaults

B - 45/47, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110001

How it works?

Click on “Apply Now” above or give a missed call at 1800-123-999-888. Our vault manager will register your application and answer all your questions.

You can choose to either deposit your gold ornaments in our lockers yourself or choose our 100% safe pick up and drop facility.

In case you choose our pick up and drop facility, our Vault Manager comes to your home and safely takes your gold ornaments in a sealed packet and deposits it in our lockers. You can choose to get the gold ornaments back any time for weddings or other occasions by just clicking a button on the indiagold app or speaking to our customer support service.

Since your gold is lying idle in the locker, why not use it? If you ever need money.

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Frequently asked questions

Technology has made every aspect of our lives safer, more convenient & overall better, however locker services have remained unchanged for hundreds of years.
indiagold Gold Locker is India’s first locker service that completely reinvents locker services to make it more secure, transparent, convenient & advanced.

indiagold Gold Locker offers more Security than a Bank with the same Trust at Much Lower Rates. 

No locker, including bank lockers insure your belongings. In case of a theft/robbery, earthquake, riots or fire, your locker provider will not compensate for any loss.
indiagold Gold locker is the only locker service in India that provides 100% insurance for your Gold.

With indiagold Gold Locker service you can deposit any legal item including your precious jewellery & gold coins/biscuits safely in our secure vaults.

Our lockers are active across Delhi along with offices across Delhi, Gurgaon and Indore.Lockers
U&I locker:
F-41, Main Ring Road, NDSE, Delhi -110049, South Extension Part-1.South Delhi Vaults:
B – 45/47, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001Delhi Office: 2nd Floor, 10200, BLOCK -S
Gururdwara Road, Naiwala, Karol Bagh
Above ICICI Bank
Delhi – 110005Indore Office: 3rd floor ,Workie Tower, SP-365
Janjeerwala Square, New Palasia,
Indore – 452001Gurgaon Office: Plot 270, Udyog Vihar Phase 2,
Gurgaon – 122016
Please WhatsApp us at 9310366544 or give a Miss Call on 1800-123-999-888 for any assistance or more details.

  • Reputed Locker Partners: All indiagold Gold Lockers are operated by our reputed locker partners that have collectively served lakhs of customers for over 40 years. Some indiagold Gold Locker partners are reputed names like CMS, South Delhi Vaults & U&I Vaults.
  • 100% Free Insurance: On top of that, your jewelry is eligible for 100% free insurance from New India Assurance. No other locker including bank lockers offer this.
  • 24X7 Bank Plus Security: Round the clock CCTV monitoring with Armed Guards.
  • Rapid Response System: Real-time connectivity with nearest Police Station for the fastest response.
  • RBI Prescribed Norms: The Strong Room & Vaults exceed RBI prescribed specifications of construction & steel walls.
  • Advance Prevention Technology: Advanced Fire, Vibration & Motion Detection sensors.
  • Tamper Resistant Packaging: Tamper proof packaging with RFID sticker to record any tampering.
  • Real-time Tracking: Your jewellery is tracked by our security team in real-time even during transit.
  • Unparalleled Trust: Every time we release your jewellery, whether at the vault or at your home, your jewellery is tested for purity & weight to ensure you are getting the jewellery you gave us. 100% transparency & trust is what we offer at all times.

So, rest assured, your jewellery will be the safest it has ever been, even more than at a bank locker.

You are given a signed notary document confirming that your jewellery is safely deposited in indiagold Gold Locker along with a certificate of free insurance. You can also request a locker visit anytime from your indiagold app to see your jewellery whenever you want.

KYC is mandatory but providing PAN is not unless you take a loan against your gold jewellery. This process can be completed directly from the indiagold app on your phone or from on our website

Your gold is stored safely with insurance & remains untouched till the time it is released by you. While you do not earn any interest on your locker, you can avail No-Touch loans against it at competitive rates.

Yes. We provide a secure pick up & drop facility to our customers that comes with transit insurance. Our delivery personnel are tracked & equipped with state-of-the-art tracing technology that ensures your gold is always under a watchful eye.

There is no minimum or maximum limit on the quantity of gold you can deposit in indiagold Gold Locker.

Yes, you can take joint custody of your indiagold Gold Locker. However, in order to release or take a loan against the gold, all parties must approve on the indiagold app registered against their respective mobile numbers. If you deposit your gold as a joint family or as a business, all parties in joint custody are assigned equal ownership of the gold.

Only the customer who deposited the gold can release the gold by visiting the indiagold Gold Locker or by requesting home delivery. In both cases, customer is required to show ID proof & the unique QR code generated while placing the release request. In case of nominating another person to receive the gold, the customer has to sign a digital declaration along with sharing details of the nominated person & their ID proof.

  • You can see the pictures of your gold that is kept in your indiagold Gold Locker.
  • You can see the quarterly 3rd party audit certification that ensures your gold is safe.
  • You can request a visit to the indiagold Gold Locker.
  • You can request home pick-up or release of your gold.
  • You can get alerts if your gold has been moved or touched.
  • You can avail loan against your gold right from your indiagold app.

We have No-Touch Gold Loans. Meaning, we give gold loans without even opening your Gold Locker or touching your gold, that too at the best rates in the market.

  • Gold is an asset that doesn’t add any value or earn for the owner when it’s lying in a locker.
  • Whenever there is a need for money, people sell their gold which means that they not only lose their precious jewellery with which they have an emotional attachment but also, they can no longer use it for personal use or for money ever again in the future.
  • Going to a branch or requesting a home visit when you need money urgently can take time, also maybe customer doesn’t like that anyone gets to know they have taken a loan against their gold.
  • With our Gold Locker service, customers can take a loan against the gold in their locker completely online without visiting any branch or having anyone visit them at home. No new KYC or documentation is needed.
  • It’s 100% private & confidential & takes only 5 mins.
  • Our loan interest rates & value will be at par with the best in the market & we have plans to suit every need, be it for more amount or lower interest rates.
  • We do not open the locker or test the gold or do anything with it. That’s why we call it No-touch Gold Loans.
  • We give the flexibility to take loan against all or selected items in the locker.
  • We also give the flexibility to withdraw all or some of the gold in the locker even when the loan is ongoing.
  • Imagine a Covid-19 like situation when all gold loan company branches are closed & it’s not safe to allow anyone in their homes. We can give loan even in that scenario without customer having to step out of the safety of their homes.
  • Customers can keep anything they want in a locker though the insurance will be given only on the gold net weight.

Your gold remains absolutely untouched when you take a gold loan from indiagold. We do not break or melt or even shave off any part of your gold. Whenever you decide to release your gold from the locker, you will get it in exactly the same form when you deposited it.

We guarantee the lowest price in the market for a similar product. Contact us today to avail our limited period inaugural pricing. Trust us, you will be surprised. 

Yes, of course. Once you have made a locker or even if you want to go and check the vault before opening a locker with us – you can navigate to your closest vault. You can find the location on our website and navigate.

As of now – we have two vault locations :

  1. U&I Vault: F-41, Main Ring Road, NDSE, Delhi – 110049, South Extention Part-1
  2. South Delhi Vault: B – 45/47, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001

Absolutely. In case you want to release your ornament and keep the locker empty during your subscription, you can do so. Whenever you want to deposit jewellery – head back to indiagold app and request a pickup 🙂