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Gold loan myth buster: Why gold loan is a smarter choice

We launched doorstep gold loan service in Delhi NCR in September 2020 and we have met over 500 customers and understood their credit needs. Almost everyone either needed some form of credit or had taken a loan in the past. Most had taken personal/business loans for various needs paying anywhere between 21% to 45% annualized interest. Please note, most of these customers had low credit ratings, unstable income and low awareness of hidden charges.

We tried understanding why none of them had taken gold loans which are available at much cheaper rate of interest and have the easy repayment options. We were surprised to see so many myths surrounding gold loans. Here are some of the myths that we encountered and how we tried addressing it:

Mythindiagold Promise
Bill is needed of your gold jewellery to get a gold loanTo get a gold loan from indiagold, no bill is necessary
Gold jewellery is melted when you take a gold loanWhen you take a gold loan from indiagold, your jewellery is not melted at all. That’s our promise.
Gold jewellery is damaged or cut while taking a gold loanindiagold does not damage your gold jewellery in any way to give you a gold loan. Again, that’s our promise.
Credit score should be good to get a gold loanEven if you don’t have a credit score or don’t have a good score, indiagold gives you a gold loan.
Gold jewellery can get lost when you take a gold loanindiagold gives you 100% insurance of your gold jewellery when you take a gold loan so you never have to worry about the safety of your gold.
Gold is not stored safely when you take a gold loanindiagold stores your gold in high security reputed lockers using advanced technology that ensures that your gold jewellery is 100% safe.
What if you run away with my goldindiagold is a company registered with Govt. of India & has multiple businesses such as Digital Gold, Easy Gold, Gold Loans & Gold Lockers. Our company directors are reputed executives with over 25 years experience each across companies like Airtel, Samsung, Times Group, Paytm & NIIT. Our investors are Promoters & CEOs of companies like of SnapDeal, Boat Electronics, BharatPe, Augmont Gold, Livspace, Smile Group, Cred, Pine Labs & many more. We partner with RBI licensed Banks & NBFCs to offer gold loans at the best rates in the market. We also insure your gold from large & reputed insurance companies New India Assurance. We are trusted by lakhs of customers across India for our Gold Locker, Gold Loans, Digital Gold & Gold Coin products so you can be rest assured that your gold will be safer than it’s ever been
You need to go to a branch to get a gold loanindiagold gives you a gold loan sitting at home with no extra charge for this service.
Personal loans are betterNot true at all. Gold loans are one of the most affordable & customer friendly forms of loan. They allow only interest payment every month & principal payment at the end of the loan. They offer some of the lowest rate of interest. They allow easy extension of loan. They don’t depend on your income or salary statement. They don’t depend on your credit score. They don’t ask for the reason for taking the gold loan. So if you have gold lying at home or in a locker, gold loans are the best way to get money for your business & personal needs.
It takes time to get the gold back after the loanNot true at all. indiagold gives you next day return of your gold that too at your home.

If you are looking for a gold loan starting at just 0.75% per month, check our gold loan schemes at

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