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Do you know the story behind Dhanteras?

Once upon a time, there was a king named Hina, who lived with his son and wife in a kingdom and ruled with justice and love.

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Pundits predicted that his son would face the end of his life due to a snake bite on his sixteenth birthday. A sense of deep worry tormented King Hima’s heart and, he started finding out ways on how he can save his son’s life.


He took advice from many astrologers on how he can save his son’s life, and as per the advice of a renowned astrologer, he married his son to a girl with a lucky horoscope so that his son could live a long life. The couple lived happily for a few years after marriage.

On the 16th birthday of his son, his son’s wife devised a clever plan to save her husband’s life and ensure that the astrologers’ prediction did not come true.

She gathered all her gold jewellery together, and piled them in the front of the main door. She advised her husband not to sleep, and she too stayed awake throughout the night while she sat near the entrance guarding the main door waiting for Lord Yama to come.

Lord Yama arrived in the form of a serpent at midnight ahead of the young prince’s 16th birthday eve. The snake crawled its way to the main door of the house. When the snake was about to enter the door, the pile of gold ornaments dazzled his eyes. Meanwhile the young princess sang in such melody that all the snake could hear was her sound. The snake was so dazzled that it could not do anything. By then, the time to take the life of the young prince had elapsed and Lord Yama had to leave without taking the prince’s life. In this way the young princess saved her husband’s life with gold.

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