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Looking for a Business Loan?
Get a Gold Loan at Lower Rates

Businesses might face an urgent financial requirement, either for growth or for meeting their working capital needs. In such cases, a business loan looks like a suitable solution. However, when you apply for a business loan, it might take some time for the funds to get sanctioned. Moreover, an online business loan also has strict eligibility criteria which your business should fulfil to get the funds. Another, a simpler alternative is to avail gold loans which give you instant funds for your business needs.

What are the Gold Loans?

Gold loans are multipurpose loans which allow funds for your personal or business needs. You can get a gold loan against your gold ornaments and jewellery which act as a collateral for the loan. Based on the value of gold that you pledge, the loan amount is sanctioned.

IndiaGold offers attractive schemes of gold loans which give you funds at the earliest for your business needs.

Features of Indiagold Gold Loans for Business

Here are the salient features of the gold loans offered by IndiaGold for the financial needs of your business –

  • Loans ranging from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.1 crore are available 
  • There are different types of loan schemes with different interest rates and features depending on the loan amount that you need
  • The repayment tenure offered is 6 months during which you have to pay the interest amount. The final principal amount of loan is payable after the tenure is over
  • Interest starts from 0.75% per month and goes up to 1.65% per month depending on the scheme that you select
  • The loan is sanctioned within 30 to 40 minutes allowing you access to instant funds

Why Choose Indiagold’s Gold Loans for Your Business?

IndiaGold’s gold loans have distinct advantages which make them a suitable choice for financing your business needs.
These advantages include the following –

  • Doorstep service
    With IndiaGold you can get your loan application processed right at your home. Once you apply for the loan online or through a phone call, IndiaGold’s loan manager visits your home to complete the loan formalities. Once the application formalities are complete, the loan is issued right to your bank account.
  • Safety of gold
    The gold that you pledge is packed safely in secure packages which are also attached with GPS trackers. This helps you track your gold in real-time. Moreover, right from the time that the gold leaves your home and till the time that you get it back, the gold is insured against damages and theft. This secures any possible loss and provides security.
  • High loan quantum
    IndiaGold offers loans up to Rs.1 crore. The Loan to Value (LTV) ratio goes up to 75% of the value of the pledged gold. Thus, when you are in need of a large amount of loan and you have gold assets to pledge for the same, you can avail IndiaGold’s gold loan and fulfil your business needs.

Applying for Indiagold’s Gold Loan

To apply for the gold loan you just have to call IndiaGold or click on ‘Apply Now’ on its website. Thereafter, IndiaGold would get in touch with you and also send its loan manager to your home to complete the loan application process. Once the application is done, the loan would be sanctioned within a short time and you would get the funds directly in your bank account.

So, if you are looking for online business loans, you can opt for gold loans from IndiaGold. You can avail a higher quantum of loan and the interest rates are also affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

The gold loan is multipurpose in nature. You can use it for any business use. The lender does not ask any questions on the usage of the loan. So, if you want to buy raw materials, pay off creditors or employees or simply expand your business, you can avail of gold loans for the funds that you need.

Yes, you would have to submit your KYC documents to the loan manager to complete the loan application process and get the loan. These documents include identity proof, address proof and your PAN Card or Form 60. Your recent photographs would also be needed for the loan.

You can visit IndiaGold’s website and click on ‘Apply Now’ to apply for the loan. Alternatively, you can give a missed call on 1800 123 999 888 or WhatsApp IndiaGold at 9310366544 and IndiaGold would get in touch with you

Yes, IndiaGold offers an online loan amount calculator using which you can calculate the amount of loan that you can avail. Just visit and enter in the purity of the gold ornament that you wish to pledge and its weight. Then you would be able to find out the loan amount that you can avail. You can add more ornaments to find the maximum loan which would be offered.

India gold has curated different loan schemes based on the loan requirements of different borrowers. The schemes differ on the amount of loan allowed, interest charged and the repayment of the loan. You can choose the most suitable scheme based on your loan needs to get the best deal on the loan.

IndiaGold offers a dedicated mobile application that you can download to check and manage your loan easily.

If you do not repay the loan on time, IndiaGold would auction off the pledged gold to realize the outstanding loan amount.

The pledged gold is released the next day itself after you pay off the loan.

Yes, you can avail a gold loan from IndiaGold for your business even when you are aged 65 years of age.

Yes, a gold loan would help you expand your business by granting you funds needed for the expansion. In fact, whatever business you have, you can avail a gold loan for meeting its financial needs.